This weekend premiers a movie on the ranks of Schindler’s List that is sure to be spoken about for years to come. The movie is called Unplanned.  It is about the life story of Abby Johnson, the youngest clinic director in the history of Planned Parenthood who had a life-changing experience that turned her into an anti-abortion advocate.
My husband Robert and I were blessed to see the movie last evening and I quote Robert’s reaction here: AMAZING and POWERFUL!
I truly believe that Unplanned is a movie of paramount importance for our times. It is an emotionally honest drama that unveils the hidden and hideous reality of the abortion industry while showing how the power of prayer, love and mercy can bring about conversion and also a giant to its knees. Although visually difficult at times in its telling it is tastefully done being always mindful to bring to light the hope and unfathomable mercy there is in God for those who seek him with a contrite heart. 
I had the blessing of meeting Abby Johnson several years ago and can tell you that she is an amazing individual with a heroic heart.
If you are discerning seeing the movie and taking your children know that the movie is rated R for several graphic scenes which can be read about in more detail here.

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